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drayklj's Journal

28 January
Not much to know.

I'm a gay 20 year old guy in Oregon who likes a lot of movies and tv...and so much more.
the beatles, lady gaga, queen, panic! at the disco, blink-182, the mountain goats, fallout boy, britney spears, the all-american rejects, ben folds, dolly parton, the hush sound, glee, i fight dragons, jay brannan, amy winehouse, le sexoflex, madona, the young veins

Movies TV:
shaun of the dead, kick-ass, rent, cloverfield, pan's labyrinth, the dark knight, pulp fiction, firefly, serenity, buffy the vampire slayer, legally blonde, dollhouse, heroes, pokemon, family guy, squidbillies, robot chicken, moral orel, death note, glee, face-off, chelsea lately, the soup, moulin rogue, ugly betty, pushing daisies, arrested development, seinfield, drop dead diva, better of ted, angel, the princess and the frog, up, mystery science theater 3000, weeds, united states of tara, dead like me, the big lebowski, fargo, hoarders, zombieland, brokeback mountain, funny girl, mythbusters, back to the future, Jurassic park, futurama, fame. the big bang theory, middle, modern family, raising hope